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Aiphone JO Series: The Ideal Video Intercom System for Residential and Small Business

The Aiphone JO Series is a video intercom for residential and small business use. It provides clear, high-quality audio and video communication, making communicating with visitors and granting access to your property easy.

One of the unique features of the JO Series is its modular design. You can customize the system to meet your needs by adding the JO-DV keypad access door station. The JO-DV includes a built-in camera and speaker for two-way communication with visitors. It’s also weather-resistant and can be installed outdoors.

The JO Series also includes mobile app integration, allowing you to answer calls from your smartphone and the option to integrate with other access control systems. Additionally, the JO Series is easy to operate, making it a popular choice for homeowners and small business owners.

Aiphone JO
Aiphone JP

Aiphone JP Series: The Versatile Video Intercom System for Medium-Sized Buildings

The Aiphone JP Series is a video intercom system for medium-sized buildings, such as apartment complexes or office buildings. Its slim design is easy to install, making it a cost-effective solution for buildings with multiple tenants.

Like the JO Series, the JP Series can be customized to meet specific needs, such as adding the JP-DV keypad access door station for granting access to visitors. The JP-DV includes a built-in camera and speaker for two-way communication with visitors. It’s also weather-resistant and can be installed outdoors.

The JP Series includes features like integrating with other access control systems and customizing the system with additional monitors and door release devices. These features make the JP Series a reliable and cost-effective solution for medium-sized buildings.

Aiphone GT Series: The Video Intercom System for High-Security Applications

The GT Series is a video intercom system designed for high-security applications. It features a rugged design and offers a variety of advanced features, such as access control, video recording, and panic call buttons. The system suits correctional facilities, government buildings, and other high-security environments.

The GT Series offers high-quality video and audio communication and can be customized. For example, if you need to grant access to visitors without physically opening the door, you can add the optional GT-DB keypad access door station. The GT-DB features a built-in camera and speaker, allowing for two-way communication with the visitor. It’s also designed to be weather-resistant and can be installed outdoors.

In conclusion, Aiphone offers a range of video intercom systems to meet various needs and applications. The JO Series is ideal for residential and small business use, while the JP Series is a versatile solution for medium-sized buildings. Both systems offer customizable options to meet your specific security needs, such as adding a keypad access door station for granting visitor access.

aiphone gt

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Intercom System For Different Application

Aiphone Audio intercom

Audio, Residential

Residential audio intercoms let more than one door station and more than one phone inside the building talk to each other in both directions. You can add control of doors or gates if you want to. This lets you open a door or gate by hitting a button on your phone.

Video, Residential

Video intercoms show callers. The building’s LCD display handsets can connect to multiple video door points. Any LCD monitor phone can open the gate or door, and you can add PIN code pads to your system to easily manage access. A PIN code pad opens the lock or gate. They don’t need aid opening doors or gates.

Hikvision Advanced Residential and Commercial

Hikvision’s advanced intercom range lets users answer the door from any home touch screen and receive push messages on as many cellphones as they want to set up. The smartphone app opens doors and gates and streams audio and video from their door station. A new NVR can record all voice and video.

Dahua Advanced Residential and Commercial

Dahua’s advanced intercom system lets users answer the door from any touch screen in their home and receive push messages on as many cellphones as they want. The smartphone app opens doors and gates and streams audio and video from their door station. A new NVR can record all voice and video.
Aiphone GT apartment intercom

Aiphone GT apartment intercom

In larger buildings, the audio door station can be upgraded with extra features like a directory service that lets people choose the name of a resident or unit using a scrolling LED screen. PIN code pad that lets people use their own unique PIN to get into the building or complex.

Aiphone intercom multiple apartment system

Anyone in a facility can see who’s talking with audio and video. Each door post can have multiple audio handsets or LCD video monitors. Each unit can command each door point to open a door or gate. The system can save pictures of callers, use PIN code pads to open doors, gates, and lifts, and operate the lift.

Entry Control Devices

Electronic Strike


Most public access doors can be fitted with electronic door strikes that let you get in without a key.

Magnetic Lock


Magnetic locks can be put on open doors and gates to keep people from getting in.
electric gate motor

Electric Gate Motor

Your access control device can be used to control electric motors that are built into roller doors or gates.

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Intercom System FAQs

Aiphone intercom systems are wired systems.

Depending on its type and features, an Aiphone JO home intercom system can cost anywhere from a thousand dollars to several thousand dollars.

Intercom systems can be put in rooms, entryways, and common areas. Intercom system type, features, and use affect installation location.
Yes, an existing intercom system can be upgraded by replacing outdated components with newer, more advanced ones, or by installing a new intercom system entirely. The type and condition of the existing intercom system will determine the specific upgrade options.
Yes, there are different types of intercom systems, including wired and wireless systems, IP intercoms, and analog intercoms.
Smartphone apps, online interfaces, and other linked devices can control intercoms remotely. Remote control options differ by intercom model and manufacturer.
Diagnosing and Repairing Intercom Systems Step 1: Check Power and Electricity Before getting technical, check power and electrical connections. Plug and power everything. Check the Setup Check the setup for adjustments. Verify the setting meets your needs. Step 3: Reboot and Check for Physical Damage/Interference Restarting helps. Restarting the intercom system may fix physical damage or interference. 4: Try Different Components Combine system components and watch what occurs. This will help you locate and fix the issue. Step 5: Assess Operation and Volume Finally, test the intercom’s operation and volume. Check everything is working and set the volume to your liking.
Intercom calls can be recorded, depending on the system and rules. Some intercom systems record internally, while others require external devices. Check manufacturer requirements and follow communication recording rules.

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