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Bosch Alarms Installation Melbourne

Bosch 2000 and 3000 residential and small commercial alarm systems are reliable and flexible. These systems have many advanced capabilities and may be customized for each property. Bosch 2000 and 3000 systems support motion sensors, door and window contacts, and glass break detectors. This enables focused security monitoring and protection against entry, fire, and environmental hazards. Cellular and IP-based monitoring and integration with popular smart home platforms are also supported by the Bosch 2000 and 3000 systems. Smartphone and tablet users can remotely monitor and operate their security systems. The systems offer wired and wireless sensors in many type, and other accessories. The Bosch 3000 system supports 16 zones and a variety of access control devices. These systems are ideal for properties that need reliable security monitoring.
Bosch Alarm Installation

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Bosch 6000 Alarm Installation

The Bosch 6000 alarm system is a strong and flexible security system that can be used in both homes and businesses. It is known for its high level of reliability, advanced features, and ease of use. This system may be changed to fit the demands of any property and set up to function with many different sensors and detectors. The Bosch 6000 system protects against a wide range of security risks, including as break-ins, fires, and environmental problems. It can be set up to handle numerous zones, each with its own sensors and detectors. This lets security monitoring be very specific and effective.The system also has advanced communication functions, such as the ability to monitor via cellular and IP networks and to work with common smart home platforms. This lets people use their smartphone or tablet to check on and control their security system from anywhere. The Bosch 6000 system also has an access control feature that lets customers limit who can get into certain parts of their property by utilising keycards or other devices.The Bosch 6000 system comes with a variety of alternatives, such as wired and wireless sensors, keypads, and other accessories. It is a reliable and versatile solution for any facility that needs access control and high-level security monitoring.
Bosch 6000 Installation
Bosch Installation Melbourne

Bosch Alarm Systems: Remote Security Control on Your Phone

Remote home security monitoring and control has grown in popularity. Homeowners can monitor their property and respond to security threats from their smartphones, giving them peace of mind.Bosch alarm systems’ phone apps allow remote monitoring and control. Your smartphone lets you access your security system anywhere. The Bosch Remote Security Control app gives you total security system control.Smartphones can arm and disarm security systems. It’s quite convenient to not have to run home to arm or disarm your security system before leaving. The app warns you to security breaches and suspicious behaviour at your home.Even non-techies can use the app thanks to its clear instructions. Bosch’s remote monitoring and control capability gives homeowners confidence that they can always access their security system. You can monitor your house and respond promptly to threats while at work, on vacation, or doing errands.

Alarm System Components

quod pir

Quad PIR Sensor

Quad Sensors picke up on movement. The farthest that those devices can reach is 12 m.*There are also wireless choices for this. (Wireless receiver required)


TriTech PIR Sensor

TriTech PIR Sensor

Before activating, TriTech Sensors must sense heat and movement. These devices span 12 m maximum. Pet-friendly choices let your pet move with no tripping the security system.

Outdoor PIR Sensor

Outdoor sensors have embedded mechanisms to ignore things like moving trees, flapping clothes, and other changes in the surroundings. The weather won’t hurt this sensor either.

Panoramic PIR Sensor

Panoramic sensors give you a view in every direction. There are different ceiling height options, running from 7 meters to 18 meters.

Smoke Detector

When there is a fire, it is important to find it quickly. Our smoke alarms have a unique design with two backup batteries.

pir motion sensor camera

PIR motion sensor camera

infrared sensor with a built-in camera that sending you footage when alarm triggers.

glass break sensor

Glass Break Sensor


Glass break sensors turn on when they hear glass shattering. These are an excellent detection option when combined with PIRs.

External Siren and Strobe Light

External Siren and Strobe Light

Our siren and strobe kits that are resistant to corrosion let you hear and see when a warning goes off.

Internal Piezo Siren

Internal Piezo Siren

Internal piezo alarms make a high-pitched sound inside the building that is meant to be as unsettling as possible.

Wireless Receiver


Key fob remote controls, PIR sensors, alarms, and other wireless devices can communicate with one another thanks to wireless receivers. Receivers can be placed in the alarm box or in a central position to increase coverage.

Door Reed Switch


Reed switches help identify intrusions early. For monitoring roller doors, pedestrian access doors, and gates, various versions are offered.

GSM Backup

GSM Backup

Even if the premises telephone connection breaks, the alarm panel can still report to our 24 Hour Security Monitoring Centre thanks to GSM backup options.

Key fob Remote

Key fob Remote

Key fob remotes provide a convenient way to arm and disarm your alarm system within a near proximity to your premises.

Duress Button

Duress buttons can be used to send alerts in a quiet or loud way. The gadget has two buttons that must be pressed at the same time, so false alarms can’t happen.

Alarm Panel Battery

Alarm Panel Battery

In case the power goes out, the alarm panel batteries keep the system running. Most batteries can last between two and four years. We suggest that you get a new battery every two years.

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Alarm System Installation FAQs

Bosch alarm systems work with motion, glass break, door and window, and smoke detectors. Bosch installers can help you choose the right sensors and detectors.
Bosch security systems may be tailored to your needs. The Bosch phone app lets you add or delete sensors and detectors, create alarms, and remotely monitor and control. Bosch installers can help you tailor your security system.
Bosch alarm systems connect to monitoring services via landline, cellular, and IP connection. Your property’s location and monitoring service determine the communication channel.
With the Bosch Remote Security operate app, you can operate your alarm system from anywhere using your smartphone. You can activate and disarm your system and get alerts and messages.
To maintain optimal operation, test your Bosch alarm system monthly. Follow your system’s user manual’s testing instructions or consult a Bosch installer.
Bosch alarms can be put in many different kinds of buildings, like homes, apartments, and small business buildings.

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