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An alarm system is a security tool created to guard a company’s assets against theft, break-ins, and other threats. Alarm systems can have many parts, such as motion detectors, sirens, and door and window sensors. Typically, when an alarm is activated, it transmits a signal to a monitoring station, which notifies the necessary authorities. Alarm systems can be professionally or manually monitored, and owners or managers of businesses can receive notifications via phone, email, or mobile app. Alarm systems can offer extra functions like smoke and carbon monoxide detection, security camera integration, and medical alert services in addition to security. Alarm systems can be tailored to a business’s unique security requirements, whether they are.

Alarm systems to enhance the security of your business

Intruder detection and security sensors help alert you (or your professional security service) of any unauthorised entry in your business. Panic Button will automatically notify police or security monitoring services when triggered Door, window and break glass sensors assure no intruders can enter your business without the alarm sounding Back to base monitoring services provide an extra level of protection. This is especially useful if you live far away from your business and need a security professional onsite quickly
Real time alerts means you are automatically and immediately notified when your alarm is triggered Remote control via smartphone app allows you to arm and disarm your system from any location and is particularly useful when you forget to secure your property after leaving Reduce your business insurance cost

We offer an easy installation process for your alarm system

1. Call us to arrange a free property inspection

2. We install the alarm system

3. We provide training & ongoing support

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We offer a fast and professional security alarm system installation in your business. Before installing the alarm system we assess the most suited area to mount your alarm system motion sensors which generally includes any entrances or exit points in your business such as the front and back entrances and undercover car parks.

Tips to consider when installing an alarm system for your business


We suggest keeping your central control panel away from alarm system keypads as it prevents intruders from damaging or controlling your alarm system.


As the central control panel is the main device that connects your alarm systems, make sure it is located in a safe area in your home where it won’t become easily damaged. Additionally, most keypads have an extra safety setting that will still emit a distress signal to your chosen security company even if the keypad is damaged.


We suggest storing your central control panel in a hidden bedroom cupboard for easy access in cases of an emergency.


We recommend installing motion detectors at all entry points, including any windows and doors.


If you’re installing a siren alarm monitor system, we suggest you consider installing one internally and one externally for extra security coverage. You should not install any security siren near your control panel as some intruders may follow this noise and find the control panel in the process.

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Home Alarm System FAQs

An alarm system protects your house and family from robbers and other hazards. It warns you and the police if someone breaks into your home, improving safety and reaction time.
When establishing an alarm system, consider your pets’ behavior. Modern alarm systems have pet-friendly sensors and motion detectors that can tell attackers from pets. These sensors detect motion based on size and weight, so they won’t alarm when pets walk around the house. These sensors’ usefulness depends on your pets’ behavior and type. Even pet-friendly motion detectors may activate when large dogs jump on furniture or cats climb shelves. If your pets are in places you want to monitor, you may need pet-unfriendly sensors. A skilled alarm system installer can help you choose pet-friendly sensors and detectors. They can also discover sensor placement concerns and suggest remedies to protect your pets and home.
The type and level of security you need will determine the sensors you need in an alarm system. Most alarm systems use sensors for doors and windows, sensors that detect when someone moves, and sensors that detect when glass breaks. For a complete security system, you may also need other sensors like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and flood sensors.
Your alarm will sound like a loud siren or alarm if it detects an intruder or threat. Depending on your alarm system, the authorities may be contacted automatically or manually. Some alarm systems can transmit notifications to your phone or other devices, letting you act immediately or check on your property remotely.
An alarm system could protect your property from burglary and damage, lowering your home insurance cost. Your insurance provider and policy determine the extent of the decrease and eligibility. Ask your insurance company if installing an alarm system may lower your premium.
Modern alarm systems can send notifications when armed or disengaged. Your system and settings can send these notifications by text, email, or a mobile app. This function gives you more control and peace of mind over your security system by tracking who enters your home and when.
Your alarm system’s settings determine how long your siren will sound. Until the alarm is disabled or a set time expires, the siren will wail. This time limit can vary depending on the system and the preferences of the user or installer. Some systems have a 15-20-minute default time limit, while others allow longer or shorter durations. For alarm system siren duration, check a professional installer or the user handbook.

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