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In the rapidly evolving landscape of security, being equipped with the latest security systems in Docklands is paramount. With years of experience in providing homes and businesses with quality, reliable and affordable security solutions, Gorilla Security have the expertise to design and implement the best security systems in Docklands.

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Elevate your security standards with Gorilla Security Systems in Docklands. Our advanced solutions and top-tier expertise make us the trusted choice for safeguarding your home or business.
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CCTV Installation Services

CCTV installation services in Docklands

Gorilla Security offers excellent CCTV installation services in Docklands, geared to help you monitor your property 24/7, no matter where you are. From single-camera options for multi-camera setups and functions such as night vision, remote monitoring and motion detection, our CCTV installers will help customise a security infrastructure to meet your unique requirements. Here are some features of our CCTV installation:
  • Artificial Intelligence technology: Unlike traditional cameras, our advanced equipment is capable of distinguishing between humans, animals and vehicles to minimise instances of false alarms.
  • Night vision: Thanks to the night vision capability of our cameras, your property received round-the-clock surveillance.
  • Mobile app access: Even if you are miles away, our mobile app offers you access to live camera feeds and recordings.
  • 4K resolution: Get every detail of your images in crystal-clear clarity with our 4K resolution cameras.
  • Built-in strobe and audio: If an intruder tries to enter your property, the camera activated strobe lights and siren audios to prevent their plans.
  • Can be combined with alarm system: Our CCTV installation systems in Docklands can be easily integrated with your alarm system, to turn your cameras into motion sensors.
  • More than security: In addition to protecting your premises, the CCTV system is also useful on keeping a watchful eye on your elderly family members, young children or pets.
Smart Phone Monitoring
Experience seamless control and peace of mind with our Smart Phone Monitoring feature, allowing you to connect and manage all security systems, including CCTV, alarms, and intercoms, conveniently through a single mobile app
Smart Phone Monitoring
Smart Phone Monitoring
Smart Phone Monitoring
Intercom Installation

Intercom installation in Docklands

Gorilla Security brings you an extensive array of intercom systems in Docklands engineered to offer you an easy, affordable and reliable way to monitor visitors before denying or granting access. Based on your requirements, our intercom installers will offer you options ranging from gate intercoms to portable ones. Notable features of these intercoms systems include:
  • High-resolution HD camera: Get a clear view of visitors at your property’s entrance with our high-definition camera.
  • Mobile app control: Someone at your door when you are away from home? Speak to them through the mobile app and enjoy the best of security and convenience
  • Built-in keypad for opening door or gates: The keypad is a great addition to intercom systems in Docklands, enabling you to grant access through a secure passcode.
  • Smart access control: Use the mobile app to remotely open and close your gate or door. So easy to use, yet assuredly secure .
  • Easy delivery management: Arrange secure access for delivery personnel by controlling gates or doors through your phone.
  • Can be combined with CCTV and alarm system: At times, you may find it hard to choose between CCTV surveillance, smart intercom system and smart alarm system. But again, why choose just one when you can have all three? Gorilla Security brings you multipurpose security solutions with comprehensive surveillance and threat detection capabilities.
  • Options to upgrade existing intercom system: Contact us to empower your current intercom system with these technologies.
Gorilla Security goes above and beyond being a security systems provider in Docklands; we are consistently focused on helping you safeguard your properties at the most cost-effective rates in the industry. Get in touch with us today to explore our range of services and receive a free quote.

Alarm systems in Docklands

Our alarm systems in Docklands are designed to efficiently safeguard your home from burglaries, intrusions and other potential threats. Key features of these burglar alarms include:
  • Exceptional user experience: The user-friendly aspect of our alarm systems has brought us awards. We strive to make it easy for you to control your security.
  • Mobile app control: You can now arm or disarm your alarm system remotely by using the mobile app in your smartphone. You will also receive real-time notifications through the app.
  • Motion sensor with built-in camera: In case someone tries to break in, the motion sensor detects the intrusion while the camera captures a 10-second video to aid in law enforcement efforts.
  • Smoke alarm function: Our alarm systems in Docklands are geared to detect fires to assure extra security.
  • Wired and wireless options: Our security experts offer wired or wireless systems based on your specific needs.
  • Can be combined with CCTV system: We offer remarkable solutions such as the option to combine your alarm system with CCTV installation, thereby effectively transforming your security cameras into motion sensors.
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Our Testimonials
Anna RileyAnna Riley
04:16 16 Nov 23
Dan did a fantastic job installing a new intercom system at our home, including key pad at front gate. Dan is a pleasure to work with and we love our new intercom.
Sam OliverSam Oliver
04:58 01 Oct 23
Dan did a fantastic job setting up our home security system. Very easy to deal with and highly recommended.
Brachi VogelBrachi Vogel
06:07 12 Sep 23
Thank you for setting up the intercom for our apartment! Works a dream and will be back for any other security needs, thanks 👍🏼👍🏼
Hamish AddenzHamish Addenz
03:45 12 Sep 23
Dan sorted cctv for my business, the experience was professional, quick and easy. Thanks 😊
10:35 13 Mar 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Gorilla Security for my security needs, and I have to say it was an amazing experience! Their technician was not only good at his job, but also great in every way. From the beginning to the end, the team paid close attention to every detail, and I couldn't be happier with how their work turned out. I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again, and I highly recommend Gorilla Security to anyone who needs high-quality security solutions. Thank you, Dan
Aurora WalkerAurora Walker
06:13 11 Mar 23
We got to work with Gorilla Security, and it was nothing less than astonishing! Not often do you find a company with such excellent customer service. We were very impressed with how professional, friendly, and helpful their office staff and service team were. Our new security cameras are amazing, and the price was very fair. We can't say enough good things about Gorilla Security. They deserve more than 5 stars. We had a great time, and it's nice to see a business that cares about its customers.
Haim KadarHaim Kadar
10:11 03 Apr 22
We used Gorilla Security to install Alarm and CCTV cameras around the house, they were very professional, clean, quick and responsive to deal with.From quotation to installation, the whole process was just very professional.I would highly recommend to use them!
We aim to make our security services as smooth as possible. Let us know what service you are looking for and we can contact you.

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