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Security System Installation Elwood

Securing your home or office with the best security systems in Elwood is crucially important. This is why Gorilla Security brings you top-tier alarm systems, intercom systems and CCTV installation services in Elwood at incredibly affordable rates.

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Security system for your home or business

  • Protect your home and family
  • Keep an eye on your pets while you are away
  • Smartphone app control and viewing options
  • 24/7 security recording
  • Get notified of intruders and burglars

Surveillant system to protect your business and employees

  • Prevent shoplifting and thieves
  • 24/7 security recording
  • Monitor customer behaviour
  • Smartphone app control and viewing options
  • Intrusion detection

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CCTV Installation Elwood

Gorilla Security brings you an extensive range of CCTV installation solutions in Elwood, geared to provide comprehensive surveillance for your home or office. Our security cameras are available in various specifications ranging from single-cameras to multi-camera setups with advanced technologies such as remote monitoring, night vision and motion detection. Other cutting-edge features include:

  • Artificial intelligence technology: We present wireless security cameras empowered with AI technology, capable of distinguishing between humans, animals and vehicles. This immensely aids in preventing false alarms.
  • Night vision: To ensure unwavering surveillance even at night, our CCTV systems feature night vision capabilities.
  • Stay connected with mobile app: Gert access to live footage from your security cameras through our mobile app. Keep an eye on your property no matter how far you are.
  • 4K resolution: With the high-quality 4K footage from our security cameras, you can rest assured about clear and detailed surveillance footage.
  • Built-in strobe and audio: Imagine a camera that triggers strobe lights and sounds a siren in case on an intrusion. This is the level of security you enjoy when you choose our CCTV installation services in Elwood.
  • Can be combined with alarm system: Our competitively-priced CCTV systems are versatile and can be integrated with your alarm system. This way, each camera effectively functions as an outdoor motion sensor to elevate the security feature.
  • More than security: Wouldn’t it be great to be able to monitor your elderly family members, young children or pets when you are away? Our CCTV systems work great in this aspect as well.

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Alarm Systems Elwood

We bring you an array of affordable yet advanced series of alarm systems in Elwood empowered with motion detectors, sirens and door and window sensors. These burglar alarms have been designed to alert the monitoring station in case of security threats, enabling us to notify authorities and arrive at the scene in about 15-20 minutes. Other outstanding features of our alarm systems in Elwood include:

  • Incredible user experience: The perfect combination of advanced security technologies plus user-friendly interface has earned our alarm systems several accolades.
  • Control via mobile app: Monitor your security and control your alarm system conveniently through the mobile app in your smartphone.
  • Motion sensor with built-in camera: Thanks to the motion sensor, any intrusion will immediately trigger the burglar alarm. The camera simultaneously captures a 10-second video of the intruder to simplify identification and law enforcement efforts.
  • Smoke detection: Our alarm systems in Elwood are capable of detecting smoke, carbon monoxide or fire to ensure comprehensive safety and security.
  • Wired and wireless options: We offer flexible setups, enabling you to choose between wired or wireless versions based on your unique requirements.
  • Integration with CCTV system: Alarm systems from Gorilla Security can be easily combined with your CCTV system, thereby effectively equipping each camera to function as motion detector.

Access control systems in Elwood

Home Access Control Business Access Control

Intercom Installation Elwood

Gorilla Security is immensely proud of its affordable intercom installation services in Elwood that facilitate hassle-free communication with visitors at your gate or door before granting them access. Whether you need gate intercoms or more portable intercoms, our intercom installers will suggest the right ones packed with features such as:

  • High-resolution HD camera: Get clear visuals of individuals at your door with the high-resolution cameras in our intercom systems.
  • Mobile app control: Use our mobile app to communicate with people at your door before granting access.
  • Built-in keypad to open doors or gates: Enjoy easy access to your property with the built-in keypad on our intercom systems.
  • Smart access control: Use our phone app to open or close your door or gate remotely.
  • Easy delivery management: If a delivery personnel arrives while you are away, the intercom system enables you to grant secure access for package deliveries.
  • Combine with CCTV and alarm systems: Sometimes, you may need the advantages of CCTV surveillance along with the threat detection capabilities of smart alarm system and smart intercom system. In such situations, our security experts will customise a versatile system combining the benefits of all three
  • Upgrade option for existing intercom system: Our security experts can help add all these technologies to your current intercom system for enhanced security.
Home Intercom Business Intercom

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