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Security System Installation Windsor

In these unpredictable times of potential threats, your home and business truly deserve the protection of the best security systems in Windsor. At Gorilla Security, we specialise in equipping residences and business environments with cutting-edge security at competitive prices. Choose us as your security partner and we guarantee hassle-free transition to a more secure infrastructure.

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Security system for your home or business

  • Protect your home and family
  • Keep an eye on your pets while you are away
  • Smartphone app control and viewing options
  • 24/7 security recording
  • Get notified of intruders and burglars

Surveillant system to protect your business and employees

  • Prevent shoplifting and thieves
  • 24/7 security recording
  • Monitor customer behaviour
  • Smartphone app control and viewing options
  • Intrusion detection

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CCTV Installation Windsor

We bring you the most reliable and cost-effective CCTV installation services in Windsor guaranteed to help you step up indoor and outdoor surveillance at your home or business. Our line-up of security cameras ranges from single camera fixtures to multi-camera networks designed to aid you in remotely monitoring your property. Our CCTV installers are ready to help you with CCTV solutions featuring benefits such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence technology: We bring you AI-powered security alarms guaranteed to reduce cases of false alarms by distinguishing between humans, animals and vehicles.
  • Night vision: By providing excellent footage even in low light conditions, our cameras assure you of tight surveillance even at night.
  • Mobile app for 24/7 monitoring: Our user-friendly mobile app enables remote monitoring of your property.
  • 4K resolution: Bid adieu to blurry visuals with our wireless security cameras that guarantee footage of superior quality.
  • Built-in strobe and audio: No intruder is likely to be prepared for what our cameras have in store for them. When triggered, the strobe lights kick in along with siren audio to deter potential intruders.
  • Integration with alarm system: Now take your surveillance a notch higher by integrating security cameras with your alarm system.
  • Keep your loved ones under a watchful gaze: The CCTV cameras come in handy to keep an eye on your elderly family members, children or pets.

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Alarm Systems Windsor

Our meticulously crafted alarm systems in Windsor are empowered with advanced components such as sirens, motion detectors and window sensors to offer you impeccable security. When the alarm is triggered, a message will be immediately passed on to the monitoring station. From where an alert will be passed on to the local authorities, ensuring that help arrives within 15-20 minutes. Take a look at the incredible features of our alarm systems in Windsor:

  • Award-winning user experience: Our alarm systems feature the perfect balance of advanced technologies with user-friendly interface, a feature that has earned us several accolades.
  • Mobile app control: Enjoy total control of your alarm system through our mobile app. Arm or disarm alarms and receive notifications on the mobile app.
  • Motion sensor with built-in camera: In addition to detecting an intrusion and triggering a siren, our alarm systems also capture a 10-second video of the intruder that will immensely aid law enforcement agencies.
  • Smoke alarm function: Thanks to the smoke detection capabilities of our alarm systems, you can effectively protect your property from risk of fires.
  • Wired and wireless versions: Go for wired or wireless versions of burglar alarms at affordable rates based on your specific preferences.
  • Integrate with CCTV system: Now experience heightened security by combining your burglar alarms with CCTV cameras so that every camera now doubles as a motion sensor.

Access control systems in Windsor

Home Access Control Business Access Control

Intercom Installation Windsor

Our intercom installation services in Windsor offer you easy and secure means to screen visitors and conveniently deny or grant access. Share your expectations and our expert intercom installers will help customise a system with features such as:

  • High-resolution HD camera: Now get a super-clear view of individuals at your door or gate so that you can grant them access with sull confidence.
  • Mobile app control: If someone comes visiting while you are away, our mobile app helps you communicate with them and even grant secure access.
  • Built-in keypad to open gate or door: With a passcode on the keypad, easily grant access to trusted visitors.
  • Smart access control: With our mobile app, you can now remotely control the opening and closing of your gate or door.
  • Hassle-free delivery management: Ensure easy access for delivery personnel vis our mobile app for seamless package deliveries.
  • Integration with CCTV and alarm systems: What if you get to enjoy the advantages of a smart alarm system, a smart intercom system and CCTV surveillance in a single unit? Gorilla Security brings you such amazingly comprehensive solutions at affordable rates.
  • Enhance your existing intercom system: Our intercom installers can help empower your existing intercom system with these powerful features.

Explore emerging security solutions from Gorilla Security by availing our services such as free property assessment and obligation-free consultation with security experts. We also provide locksmith services to eliminate the need to hire different professionals. Get in touch with us today to gift your home or business the best of security systems in Windsor.

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