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Electronic security systems keep you and your valuables safe in your house and business and allows you to monitor who goes in and out of your property 24/7. Security systems are a perfect solution if you are frequently away from home and want to keep a watchful eye on your property or if you are out for the day and want to check on your pets. There are many security systems in the current

market with all kinds of technical features. This can make it very overwhelming when deciding what the best security option is for you. However, our range of electronic security systems has simplified this process as we cater to every budget and any property from small homes to large businesses and apartments.

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Security system for your home or business

  • Protect your home and family
  • Keep an eye on your pets while you are away
  • Smartphone app control and viewing options
  • 24/7 security recording
  • Get notified of intruders and burglars

Surveillant system to protect your business and employees

  • Prevent shoplifting and thieves
  • 24/7 security recording
  • Monitor customer behaviour
  • Smartphone app control and viewing options
  • Intrusion detection

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CCTV systems for your home or business

CCTV (closed circuit television) have come a long way since its inception 50 years ago and it isn’t just for detectives and police anymore. More people are installing CCTV systems in their homes and businesses to help protect their families, employees and valuable assets.

At Gorilla, we understand that every home and business is unique, which is why we offer a range of CCTV system solutions to suit every budget and any property. Our security knowledge and experience will give you the peace of mind you deserve in keeping your property safe.

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Alarm systems for your home or business

Alarm systems can give you peace of mind in protecting your home or business from burglars and intruders. Wireless communication means you can easily control your alarm system from anywhere in the world. With the push of a button on your smart device you can arm and disarm doors or windows and secure main entrances.

Furthermore, alarm systems can be tailored to suit your home or business with a variety of features to choose from including pet-friendly detectors, external sirens, strobe lights, movement sensors and more.

Access control systems for
your home or business

Personal access control systems provide a keyless solution to control the locking and unlocking of doors, windows, gates and garages from a simple push of a button on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Access control systems are a perfect solution if you are known to notoriously lose your keys. Additionally, access control systems are great if you are looking for multiple access options safeguarded by your own unique password. We can also integrate access control with smoke detectors, motion detectors and CCTV systems.

Home Access Control Business Access Control

Video Intercom Systems

Intercom systems add an extra level of privacy and security by giving you easy access to see and speak to anyone visiting your home or business. Forget about rushing to answer the door as the latest intercom system can be integrated in your smart device. This means you can talk to visitors through your smartphone from

any room in your property even when you’re away from home. The benefit of connecting your smart device to your intercom system will give you extra peace of mind when you are away from home and receive packages as you can simply talk live with the postie to arrange a safe place for your package.

Home Intercom Business Intercom

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